December 3, 2010

Create a video on gay rights actions in your community

A new initiative to draw attention to what's happening today in the gay rights movement

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Kinsey Confidential readers are invited to participate in a project to document gay rights movement today.  This project is sponsored by public TV WGBH in Boston, in anticipation of the American Experience documentary, Stonewall Uprising and Gay Rights in 2011. Stonewall tells the story of the 1969 riots that took place in New York City, which sparked the fight for gay civil rights.

According to the press release, the sponsors are looking for creative and visual stories of how Stonewall’s legacy is playing out in the gay rights movement today. Five cash prizes of $1000 will be awarded and the single best video, selected by WGBH Lab and a panel of judges, will premiere on the PBS series AMERICAN EXPERIENCE following the April 25, 2011 television broadcast of Stonewall Uprising.

The panel of judges includes Cyndi Lauper, whose “Give a Damn” campaign aims to raise awareness among the straight community of discrimination against those of GLBT orientation, and our Kinsey Confidential friend Dan Savage (“It Gets Better” and Savage Love).

Find out more about the application process and what makes a winning video on the open call home page:

Oh, and if you do submit a project, send us a copy at Kinsey Confidential!