October 9, 2009

Condom News: Vegan, Pillows & Cuteness (Kawaii)

Another condom update from Natalie, but this time the focus is more on fun and function rather than science or condom restriction.

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Stories and blog posts about condoms pop up fairly often in sexuality and sexual health blogs for obvious reasons: condoms are a major focus in the prevention of STIs and pregnancy as well as a site for fun, interesting (and potentially life-saving) technological developments.

We featured a condom update last month about more serious topics such as locked up condoms in drug stores and a new “condom” that was actually a gel designed to fight against HIV infection. Here are a couple of more light-hearteded and interesting condom tidbits.

Certified Vegan Condoms Now Available In The U.S.

Cory Silverberg from About.com Sexuality brings us news of a line of condoms by Sweden’s RFSU that have recently been certified as vegan by Vegan Action, a vegan advocacy group that certifies foods, clothing, cosmetics and other items that contain no animal products and are not tested on animals.

Cory helpfully reminds his readers that there is not an international or federal standard for vegan certification but that RFSU condoms don’t use casin (a milk protein) or any other animal by-produts in their manufacturing. The condoms are available in four styles, Birds n Bees (buy direct) which has a slightly larger head and bumps and ridges, the snugger fitting Mamba (buy direct), Profil (buy direct) which is a their contoured style, and the larger sized Okeido.

You can read more about vegan condoms on About.com Sexuality here.

Kawaii (cute) Condom Packaging From Japan

How do you like your condoms? Ribbed? Lubed? What about adorable? These Japanese condoms feature some frighteningly cute packaging, supposedly based on the fuzzy cartoon characters from common food products. – Intern Katy on Jezebel [BuzzFeed via CopyRanter]

It’s hard to imagine condom companies marketing things in this way in the United States but I can gauarantee that I would totally buy condoms with this packaging if I were visited or lived in Japan, but then again…some might say I have little to no shame when it comes to sex-related consumer products.

And Just For Fun: Condom Pillows

Unfortunately, these pillows are sold out when I was writing this blog but still a very fun concept or gift item for your favorite sex educator.