August 23, 2011

First College Course: Consent 101

One In Five Women May Be Sexually Assaulted During College Years and 40% Of Men Admit to Using Coercive Methods

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Welcome, students! For those of you starting your first year, there’s so much stuffed into your free bookstore bags that’s it really hard to keep it all from going into the (recycle) bin.

At Kinsey Confidential, we are all about giving you the info you might find helpful in making your own choices. You might read what Kristen J has to say about if women can ever really say ‘yes’ to sex, or what others think about looking after your friends when they’ve been drinking – there’s actually research on this.

On other topics related to sex and relationships, Eric G. can tell you what other students think about casual sex, Kristen Mark gets you thinking about common questions, like coming too quickly and Debby Herbenick has answers to painful sex, using sex toys, and any other question you might have.

As for me, there’s a message that just has to go out at the beginning of the year and that’s about what it means to consent to sex.  Know this.  Pass it on.  Have a great year.  And be in touch.