Q&A: Why do I like sex play while I pretend to be asleep?

Question: I was wondering if there is a term for me; a woman who likes being on the receiving end of the “Sleeping Beauty” fetish?  I am most turned on by my husband “doing things to me” while I pretend to be asleep. Is there a name for this? Is it common? Or is it just a way I give myself permission to enjoy sexual acts I feel like I can’t ask for out loud?

Q & A: I Didn’t Come Yet, Did I?

Although learning to delay ejaculation is a common concern of young men, men of all ages and their partners often find pleasure in expanding their sexual repertoire. Rather than focus on intercourse and lasting a certain amount of time, look for opportunities to explore ways of pleasuring each other in various ways.

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Q & A: Is The Problem His Size, Or My Dryness?

The fact that you have limited sexual intercourse experience is not to “blame” in terms of sex being uncomfortable for you two. Vaginas are actually pretty similar in size from one woman to the next. If your partner has a thick penis, it might be uncomfortable for many people to accept into their bodies. A vagina can only grow so much.

Q & A: Should It Take So Long To Ejaculate?

If you’re taking your time and lasting longer to enjoy the sensations or other aspects of your sexual experience, that’s one thing. But if you find that you’re unable to come sooner even with significant effort, then try expanding your masturbation routine to experience different types of stimulation.

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Q & A: Where Are All The Feels?

A woman may become pregnant whether or not she lubricates or has an orgasm during sex. Your level of sexual excitement has nothing to do with your ability to become pregnant – unless you’re avoiding sex because it’s not exciting.