Q & A: I Know This Sounds Weird, But Did The Bikini Wax Do It?

For those who feel they cannot tell past or current partners directly, one can ask a healthcare provider for help with “partner notification”, whereby they will call or email your past or present partner to let them know (confidentially) that they have been named as a partner of someone who has tested positive for an infection.

It's not a race, dude ...

Q & A: Should It Take So Long To Ejaculate?

If you’re taking your time and lasting longer to enjoy the sensations or other aspects of your sexual experience, that’s one thing. But if you find that you’re unable to come sooner even with significant effort, then try expanding your masturbation routine to experience different types of stimulation.

These little things make a big difference.

Q & A: With Or Without? Bleeding Or Not? What’s Normal Here?

Too much friction and sex may feel uncomfortable or painful. Too little friction and it may not feel like much of anything is happening during intercourse. Wearing a condom adds to the friction during sex. Sometimes this added friction is a welcome sensation; other times, it is not.

Not fun, after all.

Q & A: She Feels Bad After Sex With Me? Why?

consider connecting with a trained sex therapist. Your girlfriend may find it helpful to speak with someone about her emotional experience of sexual expression. She might also find it helpful to speak with a healthcare provider to determine if there are other mood or anxiety issues that may be bothering her more generally, even outside of sex.

I'm asleep, nothing could be happening, right? Wait ...

Q & A: Why Does This Happen When I’m Asleep?

Some men find that masturbating during the day helps to reduce the frequency of their wet dreams. Other men don’t find any relationship between their daytime masturbation and nighttime ejaculations. I haven’t heard of any way that a man can prevent himself from ejaculating while he is asleep.