• zeeanaoi

    What is the chance that i might be pregnant if my boyfriend and i had sex the night before, cummed and then the next day we had sex again, but he peed in the time between sex? We didn't use condoms, and he pulled it out before cuming?

  • Brody

    thank you so much, i was gettin sick of everybody giving me crap about this subject just because they heard it from somewhere and had no reall proof. ive also read in a mens health magazine that compared to a condom, the pullout method was only a 1% greater chance of getting your partner pregnant if you pulled out correctly.

  • Angelbear1978

    what are the chances that you can get pregnant if you just had anal sex and he didn't pull out?

  • nichole

    so it seems like the past few weeks my breasts have been really sore. the past week it has seemed to get a little worse. just how likely is it that i could get pregnant? my period should be here in 3 days but i have felt like im about to start for about a week or so. any suggestions? please help!!