September 30, 2009

Cake Wrecks Meet Sex Stuff: Considering The Uterus

Ever wonder what happens at a party celebrating a hysterectomy or vasectomy? We didn't...until we saw these cakes.

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I have to admit, I adore Cake Wrecks, a blog that features entries on “when professional cakes go horribly, horribly wrong.” It features some terrible and usually very funny cakes with misspellings, horrible likenesses, unintentionally creep themes, and other various wreckings of the wonderful thing that is cake.

Recently, a themed blog post showed cakes celebrating the uterus, mostly cakes for women undergoing hysterectomies for a variety of reasons who wanted to lighten the mood to celebrate the surgery. Yes, the cakes might be a bit much for people who want to keep their medical procedures out of the limelight but it makes me happy to see a celebration onto the next phase of life, especially for women getting hysterectomies and going through immediate and often instense menopausal symptoms if they undergo a complete hysterectomy that includes the removal of the ovaries in addition to the uterus.

Not one to let the guys out there feel left out of the contraception cake game, the blog also features a post on vasectomy themed cakes here.

I’m also all about celebrating vasectomies and congratulating men who want to participate in contraceptive decisions. Vasectomies are infinitely less invasive than female sterilization procedures and can sometimes be reversed if the contraceptive preferences change.

I wonder what fun sex research cakes we could come up with for Kinsey Institute parties. Thoughts?