December 19, 2008

The Brain: A Sexual Organ? Kinsey Institute on Jezebel

Jennifer Bass praises Jezebel blogger Megan for a nice summary of Kinsey Institute research about the brain - is it really the largest sex organ?

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This week Jezebel blogger Megan does a great job of capturing the essence of research from The Kinsey Institute on contraceptive use and sexual enjoyment.

The contradictions in this research are that women who use condoms report less immediate pleasure from the sexual experience, but more overall satisfaction with their sexual life. This effect is even stronger among women who use both condoms and hormonal contraceptives, such as a birth control pill.

So is the brain a sexual organ? Perhaps the comfort of knowing you are protected outweighs the pleasure of unadulterated, condom-less, sexual interactions.

Read the complete study here (PDF).

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