September 15, 2009

(Awesome) Sex Ed Tools From Around The World

A Bitch Blog post about sex ed toys from around the world & why the line between toys and educational material for children tends to make people uncomfortable.

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Sarah Mirk over at Bitch Blogs has found an amazing collection of sex education tools from around the world, ranging from dolls to one of our favorite items around the Kinsey office: the vulva puppet.

Sarah found these particularly interesting sex education tools through a recent book purchase.

I recently bought this art book 1000 Extraordinary Objects which is, as you’d imagine, page after page of extraordinary objects. A whole section is devoted to “the body” and lays out artifacts of sex ed from around the world, most of them handmade. I spent a while poring over the pages and think they’re worth sharing—their funny, homemade, simple look definitely beats my television and overhead slides for creativity.

You can see the pictures from the book on the Bitch Blogs link above. Reading about these toys reminded me of the recent controversy and blog buzz about a new children’s toy (presumably designed for young girls) that is designed to mimic breast feeding.

  • sex toys

    that pillow/head rest is really a sex ed toy?

  • No, not a pillow, supposedly it's a puppet.

  • Adult Sex Toys

    lol strange, doesnt look very realistic 😉