May 19, 2008

Q&A: Average Penis Size: Is My Penis Large Enough?

Dr. Debby Herbenick answers a question from a male reader who is worried about the size of his penis compared to the previous partners of his girlfriend

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Question: My girlfriend had a boyfriend that had a penis that was a lot larger than mine. They dated for two years. My penis is six inches long and when we have sex I don’t know if I am pleasing her. Do I have the size to get the job done?

Oh, the pressure that we give men related to their penis size is enough to break my heart. Seriously, though!

Men: if you haven’t heard it before, let me tell you now – in all likelihood, your penis is enough to please another person. Will everyone in the world like it? Probably not. But not everyone in the world will like anything.

Bigger Not Always Better

As many women will tell you, bigger is not always better. There is only so much room inside a woman’s vagina, anus or mouth, and if a penis is longer or wider than is comfortable for a woman, then that can be really challenging for couples.

Your penis – at six inches long – is on the long end of average. Given that many women enjoy sexual stimulation in the first few inches of their vagina, and often on the front wall, you have more than enough length to reach these parts of the vagina.

Plus, sex is more than the size of a man’s penis or a woman’s vagina. Communication, relationship satisfaction, technique, an openness to exploration, and how two people feel about each other all have so much more to do with sexual satisfaction.

If you are concerned about pleasing your girlfriend, consider talking to her about how crazy you are about her and how much you want to please her. Try to open up conversation in ways that encourage her to share with you what feels good to her, or what she’d like to try.

Together you can explore ways of touching, kissing, and having sex that feel good to both of you and that focus on what you both have – rather than what you are worried about not having.

Recommended Reading

Both The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex and The Guide to Getting It On are two books that you may find interesting, as you try to learn more about each other’s desires and pleasures.

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