Q & A: Finally My Wife Likes Sex, But …

You may be having trouble with your refractory period — the time immediately following ejaculation where a man does not respond to sexual stimulation and is unable to orgasm. The length of a refractory period varies by individual and can range from minutes to a full day. Therefore, you may not be able to have an orgasm during each and every sex act — especially if there is not a lot of time in between your lovemaking sessions.

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Q & A: The Thought Is So Hot, The Reality So Not!

It’s common to have fantasies that one never actually wants to act on in waking life. Many people have fantasies about sexual acts or genders or people or types of people that they simply aren’t into in real life. If this fantasy is a secret you are keeping from your girlfriend, it’s possible the secrecy is a major cause of your arousal.

Q & A: What Causes A Dry Vagina During Sex?

Take time to explore your body to discover what arouses you. Communicate your sexual needs with your partner, Have fun while engaging in sex play! If vaginal dryness continues to be a problem – even after taking time to relax and engage in highly arousing sex play – talk to your healthcare provider.

Q & A: What Do Women Squirt In Orgasm?

It is quite common for females to release some amount of fluid during sexual excitement or orgasm. There is evidence that some women involuntarily release very diluted urine (often during what is called “squirting”) but there is also evidence that some women release prostatic secretions during sexual activity.