How STD-Savvy Are You?

I know lots of people like to think that they know all about STDs and STIs, but the truth is, there's a ton of myths circulating the entire world. The MayoClinic has a fun little quiz all about STDs so you can find out how much you really know!

Erection Loss and Reluctance To Use Condoms

A study conducted by researchers here at The Kinsey Institute reveals that men are less likely to use condoms when they report an erection loss while using the condoms. So if a man has erection difficulties while he's wearing a condom, he's more likely to ditch the whole condom idea entirely and not use protection.

When It Comes To Sex, Many Of Us Are Clueless…

A new study conducted right here at IU has revealed that most of us probably aren’t as sexually-savvy as we had thought. The study suggests that college-age men confuse friendly non-verbal cues with cues for sexual interest because the men have a less discerning eye than women.”

Spring Break Is Upon Us!

As Spring Break approaches, we’d like to take a little bit of time to send out some friendly reminders. The next few weeks will be a well-deserved break for students at universities who have been working hard this semester.

Much Needed: The New View Campaign

Sexual problems are often very complex, especially considering how sex is experienced differently for everyone on Earth – and these problems often cannot magically disappear with a pill.

The New View Campaign is challenging these messages consumers are receiving from the big pharmaceutical companies.

Asexuality Is Possibly Another Sexual Orientation?

The National Post in Canada reported on an article by former Kinsey Institute researchers Nicole Prause and Cynthia Graham describing this often misunderstood identity. The article suggests that although asexuals have always been at least 1% of the population, awareness is picking up and more asexuals are beginning to talk openly about it.