When Does Pregnancy Begin?

I took a biology class this summer that was about pregnancy, and it covered everything from having sex to giving birth. It was really interesting, but one of the controversial subjects covered was the exact moment when the fetus becomes a living being.

Sexually Transmitted Infections in Senior Citizens

The other day I noted to my roommate about how the rate of STIs in senior citizens has more than doubled in the past 10 years. She immediately shouted out “My grandmother can’t be having sex! You’ve got to be wrong!” Researchers of a recent study published in Sexually Transmitted Infections believe that the high divorce rate and the ease of finding sexual partners on the internet may be partly to blame.

Spray-On Condoms: A Good Idea in Theory…

There’s quite a buzz circulating about these new spray-on condoms. German inventor Jan Vinzenz Krause has created a condom that’s made out of liquid latex. While custom fit condoms are indeed a good idea to anyone, I’m not completely sold on these spray-ons. First of all, 20 seconds sure seems like a long time to wait when you’re in the heat of the moment.

The G-Shot: A New Kind of Party

A plastic surgeon in Los Angeles has developed a type of surgery that he claims enhances a woman’s G-spot. Known as the G-Shot, it is a collagen injection designed to swell up the G-spot, which is supposed to create more pleasure during sexual activity. An injection of the G-Shot can last up to four months, so patients must keep coming back if they want to keep getting the results they’ve had. At $1,850 a pop, that can add up.

Free Sex Changes Now Available in Cuba!

Cuban officials announced earlier this month that free sex-change surgery is now available to citizens. The operations are included as part of Cuba’s health care plan, one of the newest changes that has come to Cuba with Raul Castro as President

Lucian Freud: A Naked World Record

British artist Lucian Freud (grandson of Sigmund Freud) has just sold one of his paintings for over $33 million dollars! Holy cow, that’s a lot of money! The artwork, called “Benefits Supervisor Sleeping,” was originally painted 13 years ago in 1995, but has just been sold at a New York auction.