October 27, 2011

Q&A: I Get Aroused During Gynecological Exams

As long as you act like a patient, rather than someone who is turning a gyn exam into a sexual event, then this arousal can probably be managed quite well.

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Question: Is it normal for a woman to be excited about her GYN exams to the point of arousal?

What an interesting question yours is.

Most women I hear from don’t exactly look forward to having a gynecological exam.

Then again, as a sex researcher, educator and columnist I often hear from women and men who are experiencing problems or have concerns. Some women don’t enjoy being partially undressed in front of a healthcare provider.

Also, some women worry about possible discomfort or pain while being examined, even though healthcare providers typically go to great efforts to help women feel comfortable while examining them.

That said, some women do look forward to having gynecological exams. Often they look forward to having a gyn exam because it’s a chance to have their questions answered and learn about their health.

You’re Not Alone

Only rarely do I hear from women who are sexually excited or aroused in response to having a gynecological exam.

That doesn’t mean that more women aren’t excited by the idea or reality of a gyn exam – however, I know of no scientific data on the topic that would suggest how rare or common this is.

Some women might feel turned on by showing their genitals to their healthcare provider, perhaps particularly if they get turned on by exhibition in general or if they are attracted to the healthcare provider performing the exam.

Some women also experience particular sensitivity in their vaginal canal and may find it pleasurable to have the speculum inserted and an exam conducted.

Of course, it’s one thing to experience sexual arousal when thinking about, or having, a gynecological exam and another thing to behave differently because of that arousal.

If you feel sexually aroused during your gyn exam, then perhaps you can count yourself fortunate that a health behavior can feel pleasurable.

Keep It Appropriate

However, do keep in mind that, as a patient, you have a responsibility to act appropriately during your exam.

In doing their job and taking care of patients, healthcare providers have the right to work in an environment that is free from sexual harassment, pressure or discomfort.

As long as you act appropriately and professionally – and like a patient, rather than someone who is turning a gyn exam into a sexual event – then this arousal can probably be managed quite well.

And if, at home, you want to fantasize about having a gynecological exam – or even advertise on a sex or dating site that you’re looking for a gynecologist to date or hook up with when they’re off the clock – then that’s your choice.

If you search online you can also find a variety of sex toy websites that sell medical devices designed for sexual play. Enjoy your exploration.

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