February 9, 2008

Another Reason To Get Vaccinated

Need another reason to get the HPV vaccine, Gardasil? Find out what other kinds of cancers are related to HPV infection.

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Many of us are familiar with the potential health benefits of the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) such as reducing the risk of cervical cancer and genital warts.

That’s a great incentive for all women to get vaccinated, but what about men? Many people are hoping that the vaccine will soon be available to men as well.

A recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins University is suggesting that people who participate in oral sex can be up to 250% as likely to develop oral cancers than people who do not, likely due to HPV (HPV is associated with various cancers including cervical cancer, vulvar cancer and penile cancer).

The researchers encourage individuals to use a condom (or other barrier, such as a dental dam) during oral sex, and also advise men to start asking about vaccination through their health care provider.

The full article is available at the New Scientist web site.