March 4, 2008

Q&A: Changes In Amount And Consistency Of Semen

A male reader asks about changes in semen color and consistency as well as other possible problems with the testicles.

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Question: Lately I have noticed a dramatic reduction in the amount of semen I have. I realize it is a natural phenomenon but I think something more might be going on. The semen is often clear and watery. I also have a slight ache in my left testicle that is constant. When I start to get close to ejaculation, this testicle often will not cinch up in the scrotum like the other one will; or if it does it will make a slight “cracking” sound, like cartilage.

The color and consistency of a men’s ejaculate (semen) can vary and often these changes are normal, may be associated with frequency of ejaculation, or even diet or exercise and can also occur with age.

Other times changes in the color or consistency of ejaculate may signal issues with one’s testicular health, prostate health or other health issues.

A urologist is a doctor who specializes in male sexual, urinary and reproductive health issues including issues relating to the prostate, testes and ejaculation.

Check In With A Healthcare Provider

Please consider checking in with a healthcare provider (a urologist would be a particularly good choice, but a general internist would be a fine choice too).

This is particularly important when one is experiencing testicular soreness, which can sometimes be a sign of either trauma/injury, a bacterial infection or other issues. All cases of testicular soreness, “cracking” sounds or other discomfort should be checked out by a healthcare provider.

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