August 27, 2008

Am I Ready for Sex? How Do I Know?

Are you ready for sex? Here are some important questions to ask yourself before becoming sexually active with another person.

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Many young women and men – at some time or another – wonder if they are ready to have sex. And it’s not just a one-time thought!

Even when two people decide to be sexual together, they may have second thoughts about whether to have sex another time. Then there’s the issue of finding a new partner. Even people who have been sexually active for years often ask themselves, when dating a new person, whether this is someone they want to be sexual with, or when they want to be sexual with that person (or how).

There are several web sites that have covered this topic – here are a few that suggest questions you can ask yourself to help you learn more about your sexual values, expectations and readiness to be sexual with another person:

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