About Kinsey Confidential

Kinsey Confidential™ is a sexuality information service designed by The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction™ to meet the sexual health information needs of college-age adults.

This site contains articles on a variety of sex information topics as well as podcasts and questions and answers from our weekly newspaper column, Kinsey Confidential.™

Our Mission

The mission of Kinsey Confidential is to disseminate accurate, research-based information geared towards students.

We aim to provide accessible, topical information based on current scientific knowledge, and to share news and trends related to sex, gender and sexual health.

We strive to provide accurate information, interesting current news and research about sex, and provide non-judgmental answers to questions and requests.

Though we do not espouse singular views on sexual choices, our contributors strongly adhere to principles of responsible and consensual sexual behavior (protection of physical and emotional health), while acknowledging diversity of sexuality and sexual expression.


Kinsey Confidential Q and A columns are available for syndication on a weekly basis.  Please contact kincon@indiana.edu to inquire about printing the column in your paper.


Originally called The Kinsey Institute Sexuality Information Service for Students (KISISS), the site was designed for Indiana University students, faculty and staff, and was sponsored by the Mary B. Orvis Fund, Indiana University School of Medicine. Jennifer Bass, Director of Communications for The Kinsey Institute, developed the site in 1999, with intern Amy Laitinen.

Former site designers include Rob Dietz and Steven Shyu, with extra content provided by Marie Metelnick, Samantha Seeger, Emily Nagoski, Sonya Satinsky, and Erin Hoschouer.

Dr. Debby Herbenick is our sex educator who provides answers to questions, and content for the podcasts, blog, and information pages. Since 2000, Debby has written the syndicated newspaper column.

Our current site was designed by Adam Schweigert, who also produced the original Kinsey Confidential podcasts for WFIU/NPR radio. Natalie Ingraham also provided content for the current site through blogs and information pages.


Original content on this site, including images from The Kinsey Institute™, is copyrighted by The Kinsey Institute. We encourage the sharing of information from our site to yours, with proper attribution and links back to Kinsey Confidential.