What They’re Reading: Shane Vogel

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Photo: Vogel

Shane Vogel

Shane Vogel, Associate Professor of English and Affiliate Faculty of Gender Studies at Indiana University, is reading Mondo Exotica: Sounds, Visions, Obsessions of the Cocktail Generation What They’re Reading: Shane Vogel (Durham: Duke University Press Books, 2008) by Francesco Adinolfi.

“Mondo Exotica is a wide-ranging popular history of the postwar fascination with the music, rhythms, and images of “exotic” cultures.  Spanning performance, nightlife, music, and movies (from Tiki bars to lounge music to Mai Tais to Mambo).  Mondo Exotica maps out the social and sexual landscape of 1950s bachelor culture, charting the complex relationship between Western sexual revolution and the commodification of non-Western sounds and styles.”

–Shane Vogel

Shane is the author of The Scene of Harlem Cabaret: Race, Sexuality, Performance (University of Chicago Press, 2009).

Jennifer Bass (M.P.H.)

is Director of Communications at The Kinsey Institute and founder of Kinsey Institute Sexuality Information Service for Students, now Kinsey Confidential.
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