What They’re Reading: Michelle Carnes

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Book recommendations from experts in the fields of sexuality, gender, health, science and relationships.

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Photo: University of Texas Press

The Naked Truth

Michelle Carnes is reading Judith Lynne Hanna’s book, Naked Truth: Strip Clubs, Democracy, and a Christian Right.

“This book reports the findings of an anthropologist/dance scholar who has served as an expert court witness in 1st, 5th, 14th Amendment, obscenity, lewdness, labor relations, and tax cases nationwide since 1995. She describes the reasons for and actions against sexual expression outside the marital domain, at the local and national levels. Christian Right myths about adult entertainment exotic dance are challenged by valid and reliable research.”

Michelle Carnes is also a researcher of strip clubs.  The received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from American University in 2009.

Jennifer Bass (M.P.H.)

is Director of Communications at The Kinsey Institute and founder of Kinsey Institute Sexuality Information Service for Students, now Kinsey Confidential.
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