• Sexual Desire And Relationship Length: Patterns of Gender

    Sexual desire may decline with relationship length for young women, but not men.

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    A new study has found that a sizable number of young adults who tested positive for an STI report being sexually inactive in the past year.

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    Some young people and scholars have begun celebrating the emergence of the new "hook up" culture. A new study indicates these celebrations may be premature.

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    A recent study by NARAL Pro-Choice America found that the majority of young adults, age 30 years and younger, are pro-choice.

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    A recent study reveals same-sex sexuality is not uncommon among young people who identify as heterosexual.

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    Are virginity pledges, common in some abstinence-only sex education programs, effective? Research from Johns Hopkins says no, they might even be dangerous.

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    Planned Parenthood recently launched a site called "Take Care Down There" featuring videos for young adults about bodies and sexual health.