• Sex. Really. (PSA Video – Our Review)

    Kinsey Confidential staffers review a series of sexual health promotion videos put out by Sex.Really, a new production company.

  • Condoms Can Be Cute! Durex Advertisement.

    Another humorous take on condom use and sexual health - this time from Durex; a new video featuring hilarious condom (balloon-like) animal sex.

  • Sex Education from the 1960′s – YouTube Humor

    Samantha is a huge fan of the 1960's and an even bigger fan of sex education, so when she found a video that combined the two, she was really excited.

  • Silly Sex Laws: The Texas Dildo Wars

    Natalie shares a clip from a great documentary about the Texas Dildo Wars and archaic laws around sexuality that deserve a second look.

  • Correct Condom Use Video

    We hear about condoms frequently breaking or not working properly, but this is largely due to some people just not knowing how to correctly use them.

  • The “Down There Song” – New PP site feature

    Planned Parenthood recently launched a site called "Take Care Down There" featuring videos for young adults about bodies and sexual health.

  • The Harvard H-Bomb And Sex (Discourse) On College Campuses

    CurrentTV explores how two Harvard student groups are contributing to raising the sex discourse on a college campus.

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    Thoughts on a new R&B video that shows what might really happen in the bedroom...