• Oral Pursuits: A Barrier Is A Good Thing

    Not sure what a dental dam is? Think using a condom on the "job" is unneeded? Blogger Abby Student reminds us of the importance of protection during oral sex.

  • Syphilis: It Still Exists and Infections are Rising

    Syphilis still exists and symptoms can be very hard to recognize. So hard in fact, that many people aren’t getting tested and remain undiagnosed.

  • The Other “Talk” – By Guest Blogger Hubert Izienicki (M.A.)

    The Other "Talk." This is a guest blog by Hubert Izienicki (MA), a sociology instructor and doctoral student at Indiana University.

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections Among The Sexually Inactive?

    A new study has found that a sizable number of young adults who tested positive for an STI report being sexually inactive in the past year.

  • Q&A: My Wife’s Fantasy Is To Have Four Guys Ejaculate On Her Face

    Although some women and men fantasize about bukkake, which is the practice of several men ejaculating on a woman, you are wise to consider the risks involved.

  • Only One Quarter Of Women Report Using Condoms During Anal Sex

    A survey revealed that less than one-quarter of heterosexual women reported using condoms during anal sex, compared to the majority of gay/bisexual men.

  • Would You Have Sex With Someone Who Refused To Get Tested (STIs)?

    Would you have sex with someone who does not know their sexual health status? What about someone who refuses to get tested for sexually transmitted infections?

  • The Stigma Surrounding HIV/AIDS Is Harmful For Everyone

    Changes in US laws in recent years have crept closer to making being HIV-positive a crime. The solution to reducing the spread of HIV is safety and education.

  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Rates Continue To Rise In The US

    Sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates continue to rise in the US, according to a recently released study by the Centers for Disease Control.