• Male Circumcision & STI Prevention: A Link?

    More and more attention is focusing on the possibility of male circumcision as a risk reduction tool for HIV/AIDS but the research so far is inconclusive.

  • British Study On “Aversion Therapy”: Why Does This Still Exist?

    New research shows that 4% of British health professionals would still attempt to change a client's sexual orientation. Natalie reacts (boo!).

  • The Sexies: Silly Name, Serious Awards

    Natalie introduces a new kind of journalism award - The Sexies - given to journalists who write intelligently and fairly about issues around sexuality.

  • University Sex Column Under Attack (Not Ours, Don’t Worry)

    A Montana university's sex column is under attack from other university faculty who think the column is inappropriate for the school newspaper

  • Sexual Literacy… What Is That?

    Sexual literacy, a key component of a healthy sex life, is about knowing how to stay safe, how to have pleasure, and how sexuality influences your daily life.

  • Playing Catch-Up On Sexuality News

    Playing catch up on sexuality news from the past week including a New York Times feature on George Platt Lynes and interviews by blogger Dr. Petra Boynton

  • Q&A: Sex Dreams, Marital Infidelity and Cheating

    A male reader wonders if his wife's lesbian and extramarital sex fantasies mean that she wants to leave him or might cheat.

  • Q&A: Sexual Communication: Talking About Virginity With Others

    A reader wonders if discussing one's virginity is socially acceptable or awkward. The answer - it depends.

  • Can Sex And Religion Mix? A New Report Says They Should

    A recent report from the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing deals with how sex and religion should interact and why.

  • Looking Back At Sexuality Research To Find Its Future

    A new issue of the Journal of Bisexuality celebrates the 60th anniversary of the first Kinsey Report with an interview with Dr. Paul Gebhard.

  • Dr. Marty Klein And America’s War On Sex

    Dr. Marty Klein lectured at Indiana University last fall on the “War on Sex” in America and outlined the ways in which our country attacks sexuality.

  • Study: Abstinence Pledges Ineffective

    Are virginity pledges, common in some abstinence-only sex education programs, effective? Research from Johns Hopkins says no, they might even be dangerous.

  • International Encyclopedia of Sexuality!

    The Kinsey Institute has a great informative encyclopedia of international sexuality, called the Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality.

  • Q&A: Birth Control And Sexual Health Resources

    Q&A about preparing to have sex for the first time and how to determine the best forms of birth control for you.

  • Defining Masculinity: New Research

    A new study has been published that explores the link between male masculinity and sexuality, particularly in regard to erectile dysfunction.

  • Am I Ready for Sex? How Do I Know?

    Are you ready for sex? Here are some important questions to ask yourself before becoming sexually active with another person.