• Evidence That Sexual Orientation Is Not Synonymous With Identity

    A recent study reveals same-sex sexuality is not uncommon among young people who identify as heterosexual.

  • Majority Of Swedish Young Women Report Fluid Sexualities

    According to one online survey in Sweden, the majority of young women report being attracted to both women and men.

  • Traditional Relationship Values Held Across Gender and Sexuality

    When we think the "traditional" values for relationships, like love and commitment, we sometimes rely on stereotypes regarding who holds those values.

  • Psychologists Say Sexual Orientation Cannot Be Changed

    Late this summer, the American Psychological Association voted to denounce the practice of treating clients to change their sexual orientation.

  • Are You Gay? Your Facebook Profile And Sexual Orientation

    No matter the concerns over personal privacy on Facebook.com, it looks like one thing can be given away even if you don't say it: your sexual orientation.