• Sexually Transmitted Infections in Senior Citizens

    The rate of STIs in senior citizens has more than doubled in the past 10 years, a recent study provides some insight as to why

  • Warning About A Substance Sold As An Aphrodisiac Called “Stone”

    A press release was just issued by the NYC Health Dept. regarding a substance called "Stone" - sold as an aphrodisiac but can be harmful or even fatal.

  • Trojan’s Sexual Health Report Card

    Trojan Condoms has released its annual Sexual Health Report Card which grades American colleges and universities on a range of sexual health criteria.

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    Where can you get reliable information about sexually transmitted infections?

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    Question from a reader about epididmyitis in men, if it is contagious and what this means for a female partner.

  • Sex Education: New Health Content Standards

    A new sex education law in California brings up questions about what readers learned about sex at school and how useful their sex education was overall.

  • Another Reason To Get Vaccinated

    Need another reason to get the HPV vaccine, Gardasil? Find out what other kinds of cancers are related to HPV infection.