• Comprehensive Sex Ed In Schools: What Is “Age Appropriate?”

    A Kansas middle school recently garnered controversy for a classroom poster mentioning anal sex and sexual fantasies.

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    Retrograde ejaculation is not harmful in and of itself. If sperm enter the bladder, they will come out the next time the man urinates.

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    A recent study of 18- to 29-year old unmarried adults reveals startling gaps in young adults' knowledge about safe-sex practices and pregnancy.

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    In reality just because a particular position looks good for the camera doesn't mean it's going to feel good in the bedroom.

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    A Bitch Blog post about sex ed toys from around the world & why the line between toys and educational material for children tends to make people uncomfortable.

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    A new study asserts that peer-led sex education isn't any more effective than other types of sex education programming. Natalie begs to differ.

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    Question about age appropriate sex education from a parent who wants to know when their child will start to ask questions.

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    A new study released this week shows that comprehensive sex education programs help reduce teen pregnancies, while abstinence-only programs do not.

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    If there was any time to pay attention to the importance of sex ed, the time is now. A new study found that 25% of teenage girls have had a STI.

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    A new sex education law in California brings up questions about what readers learned about sex at school and how useful their sex education was overall.

  • Study Finds Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Not Effective

    A research study examining results of 13 abstinence-only education programs found that abstinence-only programs had "no significant effect" on risky behavior.