• Marriage Inequality As A Public Health Issue

    Research shows that getting married comes with health benefits. Many doctors believe that legalizing same-sex marriage would be a good step for public health.

  • Support Increases For Same-Sex Marriage Despite The Rhetoric Used

    One question has been raised in the debate over same-sex marriage: are attitudes affected by the rhetoric used in the debate? A study suggests that they aren't.

  • Barring Same-Sex Marriage Has Economic And Health Consequences

    Recent research has found that barring same-sex marriage has its consequences: it hurts the economy and leads to an increase in mental illness among LGB people.

  • Same Sex Marriage News from Iowa

    After suffering recent set backs, specifically in California, LGBT advocates have some successes to show for their efforts.

  • Portia And Ellen Get Married – Hallmark Has Cards For It!

    Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were married in Los Angeles, and now, Hallmark has announced that they are carrying same-sex wedding cards.