• How I Became A… Couple & Sex Therapist

    Do you have an academic interest in sex and sexual difficulties, and enjoy working with people? Couple and sex therapy may be an intriguing career option...

  • How I Became A . . . Sex and Relationships Researcher

    The story of one researcher's path into the elusive field of sex and relationships.

  • Q&A: How Can You Tell If You’re Asexual?

    Asexual individuals may either experience no sexual attraction, or else very low levels of sexual attraction when compared to most other people.

  • Q&A: Losing My Virginity To An Escort Before Finding A Girlfriend

    Although some choose to have their first sexual experience with a paid partner, most choose to have their first sexual experiences with a romantic partner.

  • Q&A: Why Would Someone Call Out Another Person’s Name During Sex?

    People can accidentally call out the name of their most recent ex probably just because they are so used to saying that person’s name.

  • Q&A: I Don’t Enjoy Touching My Husband Or Giving Him Oral Sex.

    I’ve worked as a sex researcher for nearly 12 years and at the heart of most people’s questions is a desire to know whether or not they are “normal.”

  • Q&A: Is It Unhealthy To Fantasize About My Ex When I Masturbate?

    You may have come to associate feelings of arousal with your ex. It’s not unusual, then, that when you masturbate, you think of your ex.

  • Q&A: My Boyfriend Always Has An Erection, Masturbates Constantly

    It may be that your boyfriend has trained himself to come quickly during masturbation, creating a quick ejaculatory response.

  • Q&A: How Legitimate Is Sex Addiction?

    Some researchers feel that there is a gray line between describing something as an “addiction” versus a bad habit.

  • Q&A: Is It Too Late For Abstinence?

    Just as people have different definitions of what it means to “have sex," there are also varied definitions of abstinence.