• Q&A: Anal Sex And Long Term Health Concerns

    As far as we know, regular anal sex is not likely to damage a person’s anus or rectum or to cause significant health problems.

  • Q&A: I Have Bladder Prolapse. Can This Be Fixed?

    Many women experience bladder or rectal prolapse as they age. It is more common among women who have had multiple births.

  • For Valentine’s Day: Aphrodisiacs, Food Play During Sex

    This week WFIU Public Radio's local food program, Earth Eats had Dr. Debby Herbenick on the show to talk about food and sex for their Valentine's Day episode.

  • Q&A: Safe To Put Small Round Items Directly Into The Anus?

    Unlike the vagina, which is only a few inches long and ends at the cervix, the anus leads into the rectum, where objects can get more easily lost.

  • Q&A: Anal Sex: Cleanliness And Avoiding Pain

    People rarely talk to each other about anal sex, which can leave many people feeling confused or uncertain about how to try this particular sexual behavior.