• Race/Ethnicity Affects Who Responds To You In Online Dating

    In October, online dating website OKCupid released an analysis of racial differences in response rates. It seems love isn't color-blind after all.

  • My Sociological Imagination: Introducing Eric Anthony Grollman

    It's a little overdue, but here it is... introducing one of Kinsey Confidential's new bloggers, Eric Anthony Grollman!

  • A More Inclusive View of Sexuality: Race, Gender, Class, Age, Etc.

    When we talk about sexuality, specifically our own sexualities, we sometimes fail to consider other forms of differences (and similarities) among humans.

  • Worth Checking Out If You’re Near Chicago

    If you're in the Chicago area on April 11th, check out "Race, Sex, Power: New Movements in Black and Latina/o Sexualities," a conference at the U of I, Chicago.