• An HIV Prevention Success: 100% Condom Use Programme

    Guest blogger Allison Yates discusses an HIV prevention campaign in Southeast Asian sex establishments called 100% Condom Use Programme.

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    Guest Blogger Allison Yates describes the basic characteristics of sex tourism.

  • Interactive E-Book Samples Bawdy U.S. History

    Dorothee E. Kocks's "Such Were My Temptations" investigates the United States' first sexual revolution- the one that started in the 1760s.

  • Book review by Christiana von Hippel: Dirty Minds

    Monogamous prairie voles, cheeseburgers, and the body's largest sex organ await in Christiana von Hippel's review of Dirty Minds

  • The World Warms Up To Homosexuality, Not So Much For Sex Work

    Using data from the World Values Survey, Will Wilkinson found steady decreases in intolerance of homosexuality around the world - yet, not so for prostitution.

  • Prostitution Is Legal…If You’re A Monkey

    A new article claims that male macaque monkey in Indonesia seemingly "trading" various services (such as grooming, food, & infant care) for sex with females.