• Q&A: Masturbation Frequency And Common Myths

    In spite of many sex educators’ and doctors’ best efforts to educate people about masturbation, it seems that many masturbation myths persist.

  • Sexual Literacy… What Is That?

    Sexual literacy, a key component of a healthy sex life, is about knowing how to stay safe, how to have pleasure, and how sexuality influences your daily life.

  • Q&A: Sex Feels Robotic, What Can I Do?

    A male reader wonders why sex with his girlfriend occasionally feels robotic and why she doesn't seem very engaged in their sexual activity.

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    Another common question podcast addresses a male reader's concerns about his penis size and the safety and effectiveness of penis enlargement pills.

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    Dr. Debby Herbenick addresses a hot topic among our Kinsey Confidential readers - anal sex, specifically, how many heterosexual couples have it.

  • Q&A: Aging and Changes In Sexual Desire

    More often these days, people are talking more openly about desire - including how desire often changes throughout one's lifetime.

  • Q&A: Masturbation Guilt And Health Problems

    Can masturbation cause health problems? One reader is concerned about masturbating "too much" and possible health problems that could result from this.

  • The Brain: A Sexual Organ? Kinsey Institute on Jezebel

    Jennifer Bass praises Jezebel blogger Megan for a nice summary of Kinsey Institute research about the brain - is it really the largest sex organ?

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    A male reader new to having sex wonders why he hasn't ejaculated during vaginal intercourse and if something might be wrong with him.

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    A reader asks if sexual chemistry is a requirement for a healthy relationship, or just a nice perk.

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    How to deal with a smaller vagina and steps to make sex comfortable for both partners.

  • Are You Curious About the Clitoris?

    Many women and men are curious about a woman's clitoris - after all, it is sometimes described as a woman's "pleasure center."

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    A reader asks if frequent masturbation could be part of the cause of premature ejaculation and what he might be able to do about it.

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    Q&A about how to deal with sexual rejection and the impact it sometimes has on body image and eating.

  • Q&A: Clitoral Stimulation: Pain, Tickling And Discomfort

    A reader asks about clitoral stimulation and the fine lines between tickling, pleasure and pain.

  • The G-Shot: A New Kind of Party

    A plastic surgeon in Los Angeles claims to have developed a type of surgery that enhances a woman's G-spot by using a collagen injection.