• Using Simulation To Understand STI Transmission

    Guest Blogger Emily Nagoski gives a primer on 'agent based modeling' and how it may help to predict STI transmission risk.

  • Syphilis: It Still Exists and Infections are Rising

    Syphilis still exists and symptoms can be very hard to recognize. So hard in fact, that many people aren’t getting tested and remain undiagnosed.

  • Q&A I Gave A Lap Dance, Can I Get Pregnant?

    There are typically no sperm in pre-ejaculate and as he didn’t actually ejaculate, there were no sperm leaving his body

  • Full Coverage of Contraception Costs for Insured Employees

    The Obama administration recently announced that contraceptives must now be covered by employer-sponsored health insurance plans.

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    Your girlfriend may experience more chronic vaginal dryness as a result of her age, not taking hormones and having had a hysterectomy.