• Sticks And Stones … But Homophobia Hurts, Literally!

    Sticks and stones... homophobia hurts, literally! A new study suggests that LGBT youth who frequently hear "that's so gay" experience health problems.

  • Marriage Inequality As A Public Health Issue

    Research shows that getting married comes with health benefits. Many doctors believe that legalizing same-sex marriage would be a good step for public health.

  • What Is Sexual Orientation Discrimination?

    Sexual minorities continue to be the targets of sexual orientation discrimination, which results in negative economic and health consequences.

  • New Research On Asian And Latino/a Sexual Minorities

    The unique experiences of sexual minorities who are racial/ethnic minorities reflects the complicated intersection of race and ethnicity with sexuality.

  • Barring Same-Sex Marriage Has Economic And Health Consequences

    Recent research has found that barring same-sex marriage has its consequences: it hurts the economy and leads to an increase in mental illness among LGB people.

  • Casual Sex And Hooking Up Do Not Cause Psychological Harm

    Researchers have finally answered the question, "does casual sex and hooking up cause psychological harm?" No, it doesn't!