• Barring Same-Sex Marriage Has Economic And Health Consequences

    Recent research has found that barring same-sex marriage has its consequences: it hurts the economy and leads to an increase in mental illness among LGB people.

  • Same-Sex Couples Make Good Parents, Possibly Better Parents

    Research on the impact of parents' sexual orientation on their children has indicated that the children of same-sex couples are just as healthy and happy.

  • For The Love Of…Inanimate Objects?

    People claim to love a new pair of shoes, but what happens when someone actually loves an inanimate object and wants to marry it?

  • Q&A: Having Intercourse Again After Ending A Long Relationship

    It is true that some women – like some men - have one and only love, or one and only sexual partnership, and never have another.

  • Harassment, Sexual Orientation And Public Policy

    There have been a number of very sad stories appearing in the news recently about bullying and harassment of youth based on their sexual orientation.

  • Q&A: My Husband Stopped Sleeping With Me

    A female reader is distressed about her husband's sudden refusal to have sex with her and now she's considering having an affair. What should she do?

  • Q&A: Sex Dreams, Marital Infidelity and Cheating

    A male reader wonders if his wife's lesbian and extramarital sex fantasies mean that she wants to leave him or might cheat.

  • (Yet Another) “Sex Challenge” For Couples

    Recently, so-called "sex challenges" have grabbed headlines, but what do they really say about the frequency of sex and its impact on relationship quality?

  • Portia And Ellen Get Married – Hallmark Has Cards For It!

    Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were married in Los Angeles, and now, Hallmark has announced that they are carrying same-sex wedding cards.

  • The Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

    Some questions about sexual health have fairly succinct answers. Other questions require a good deal of personal reflection.

  • Q&A: Questioning My Sexual Orientation

    Dr. Debby answers a question from a female reader about her possible attraction to women and how to deal with a current male partner who is hinting at marriage.

  • Q&A: Defining Virginity And Pre-Marital Sex

    A reader asks about how to define virginity and issues to consider around having pre-marital (or non-marital) sex