• Q&A: Since My Wife Had Our Son, She Doesn’t Stay Wet. Please help.

    I’m not sure how long it’s been since your wife had your son, or if she is still breastfeeding, but it may be that her estrogen levels are still low.

  • Q&A: Besides Condoms and Lube, What Else Can Be Used For Anal Sex?

    Anal sex is something you should definitely use condoms and lubricant for. This is because the anus does not lubricant on its own.

  • Q&A: When I Have Sex, I Get A Tear At The Bottom Of My Vagina

    As you try to figure out the cause of your tearing, some other things you can do include choosing sex positions that give you more control over penetration.

  • Q&A: Is Glycerin In Lube Bad For Vaginas?

    There is a great deal of misinformation about lubricants and vaginal sex including the idea that glycerin is necessarily bad for vaginas.

  • Q&A: I Had Quickie Sex, Now I’m Bleeding

    When a woman feels sexually aroused or has sex, it typically takes some time for sufficient vaginal lubrication to kick in.

  • The Joys of Lube! A New Study On Lubricant Use Among Adult Women

    In a new study of women, there is a clear benefit for sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction when using either water- or silicon-based lube.