• …For The Sake Of Science…

    The Kinsey Institute is primarily a research institution, but why is research important and what Kinsey research can you participate in right now?

  • Asexuality Is Possibly Another Sexual Orientation?

    Is asexuality another sexual orientation? Researchers from the Kinsey Institute explore asexuality in a new article published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

  • World’s Largest Porn Collection?

    An "IU Mythbusters" article sheds light on some of IU's biggest campus myths. Included is the myth that The KI has the world's biggest "porn" collection.

  • The Truth About Female Desire – BBC TV Show Feat. KI Scientists

    Check out The Truth About Female Desire, a UK series feat. Kinsey Institute researchers Erick Janssen, Cynthia Graham and John Bancroft.

  • Patient Advocate Alice Dreger Speaks @ KI On History Of “Intersex”

    Dr. Alice Dreger spoke recently at The Kinsey Institute on the history and evolution of the term "intersex," and its alternatives.

  • Q&A: The Kinsey Scale And Kinsey Test

    A reader asks how one knows where he or she falls on the heterosexual/homosexual rating scale and if there is such a thing as the "Kinsey Test"