• Follow Up: Sexuality Education At Indiana University

    Natalie follows up on her blog post about higher education and sexuality with information about local Indiana University resources for sexuality research.

  • Sexology: The Academic Path To Sex Expertise

    Natalie explores the academic path to sexual expertise - graduate school, sexuality classes, and careers in sexology.

  • Kinsey Is #1 According To Playboy Magazine

    Playboy highlights the 50 most influential people in sex from the last 50 years - Alfred Kinsey is number 1! Natalie discusses other notables who made the list.

  • The Bloomington Source: Kinsey-Related Interviews

    Dr. Debby Herbenick highlights some recent interviews with Kinsey Institute staff for local Bloomington online publications.

  • The Brain: A Sexual Organ? Kinsey Institute on Jezebel

    Jennifer Bass praises Jezebel blogger Megan for a nice summary of Kinsey Institute research about the brain - is it really the largest sex organ?

  • Correct Condom Use Video

    We hear about condoms frequently breaking or not working properly, but this is largely due to some people just not knowing how to correctly use them.

  • Womens’ Monthly Cycles Related to Male Facial Preferences?

  • International Encyclopedia of Sexuality!

    The Kinsey Institute has a great informative encyclopedia of international sexuality, called the Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality.

  • Kinsey Confidential In The Daily Vidette

    We are so pleased that Illinois State University's Daily Vidette has recently begun publishing our Kinsey Confidential column.

  • Sex Education Programs At Indiana University

    If your dorm, Greek house or student organization would like to learn a little more about sex, contact us at Kinsey Confidential!

  • Defining Masculinity: New Research

    A new study has been published that explores the link between male masculinity and sexuality, particularly in regard to erectile dysfunction.

  • Vacations Lead to More Sex?

    Newsweek recently spoke with Kinsey Institute Researcher Erick Jannsen to uncover reasons why vacations may lead to more sex

  • Viagra And Sexual Side Effects Of Antidepressants

    Researchers have found that women given Viagra were more likely to report improvement in sexual functioning than those on a placebo pill.

  • The G-Shot: A New Kind of Party

    A plastic surgeon in Los Angeles claims to have developed a type of surgery that enhances a woman's G-spot by using a collagen injection.

  • Erection Loss and Reluctance To Use Condoms

    A study conducted at The Kinsey Institute reveals that men are less likely to use condoms when they report an erection loss while using the condoms.

  • Men May Actually Be Complicated? Who Knew!

    Researchers here at our very own Kinsey Institute have conducted a study concerning men's sexual desire and arousal.