• An Overdue List – Fun Or Interesting Sexuality Links

    A link round of up the most interesting, informative, and intriguing sexuality blogs and links from the past few weeks.

  • For The Love Of…Inanimate Objects?

    People claim to love a new pair of shoes, but what happens when someone actually loves an inanimate object and wants to marry it?

  • WHO Approves Cervarix, New Cervical Cancer Vaccine

    The World Health Organization approved a cervical cancer vaccine, a cheaper alternative to Gardasil, for use in developing countries.

  • Bad Buzz for Amazon.com After Delisting GLBT Books

    Amazon.com sent bloggers abuzz this past week by removing the sales rankings of certain GLBT books - making it much more difficult to find them in a search.

  • The Brain: A Sexual Organ? Kinsey Institute on Jezebel

    Jennifer Bass praises Jezebel blogger Megan for a nice summary of Kinsey Institute research about the brain - is it really the largest sex organ?