• Q&A: Is Glycerin In Lube Bad For Vaginas?

    There is a great deal of misinformation about lubricants and vaginal sex including the idea that glycerin is necessarily bad for vaginas.

  • Q&A: What Should I Do About Water Getting Into My Vagina?

    It would be very unusual for a woman to develop vaginal infections simply from exposure to water during swimming or bathing.

  • Q&A: Did I Aggrevate My Infection?

    Though there is nothing particularly dirty or dangerous about vaginas, it sounds like you already had an infected finger.

  • Q&A: My Husband Tested Positive For Gonorrhea. Did He Cheat On Me?

    Gonorrhea is also easily transmitted from one person to another when they have sex. Many people who have gonorrhea don’t show any symptoms of the infection.

  • Q&A: My Wife Has A Sore Near Her Anus. Could It Be Herpes?

    There are various reasons why people get sores on their anal or genital area and not all of the reasons are related to sexually transmissible infections.

  • Q&A: What Are The Chances Of Contracting An STI From A Sex Worker?

    Prostitutes are required to use condoms, which greatly reduces the risk of passing infections between partners.

  • Q&A: I Have Genital Warts. Will I Ever Be Able To Have Sex Again?

    Yes, it is indeed ethical and common to have sex after having been diagnosed with genital warts, which are caused by HPV.