• What They’re Reading: Morgan Mohr

    Book recommendations from experts in the fields of sexuality, gender, health, science and relationships.

  • Sticks And Stones … But Homophobia Hurts, Literally!

    Sticks and stones... homophobia hurts, literally! A new study suggests that LGBT youth who frequently hear "that's so gay" experience health problems.

  • Oral Sex During Hookups? Unfortunately, Not So Much For Women

    A new study highlights that the ambiguity of hookups means women usually do not receive cunnilingus, even if they have performed oral sex for their partner.

  • Inequality And Health: Disparities In Sexual Health And Well-Being

    Many health and medical researchers recognize the connection between inequality and health. Sexual health is no exception.

  • Prejudice And Attraction: Is Beauty Really In The Beholder’s Eye?

    Many of us are attracted to people on the basis of age, race and ethnicity, body shape and size, and even social class, religion, culture, and nationality.

  • Would You Have Sex With Someone Who Refused To Get Tested (STIs)?

    Would you have sex with someone who does not know their sexual health status? What about someone who refuses to get tested for sexually transmitted infections?