• Maleness, Masculinity, and Professional Football

    The NFL's response to homophobic remarks is proof that American hegemonic masculinity is changing

  • Sticks And Stones … But Homophobia Hurts, Literally!

    Sticks and stones... homophobia hurts, literally! A new study suggests that LGBT youth who frequently hear "that's so gay" experience health problems.

  • Don’t Forget About Race In LGBT Activism

    Guestblogger Lucas McKeever from the graduate School of Information Science at the University of Illinois blogs about silence and prejudice in social movements.

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    One researcher has found that kissing is common among heterosexual young men in the United Kingdom. Is this a sign of total acceptance of same-sex sexuality?

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    Several recent studies have examined the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other sexual minority youth.

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    October has been filled with anti-homophobia activism campaigns. The murder of Christopher Skinner is in need of attention - and justice.

  • Today Is National Coming Out Day. What Does It Mean To “Come Out”?

    October 11 is National Coming Out Day, a day celebrated by lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and gay people, and heterosexual allies. What does coming out mean?

  • Barring Same-Sex Marriage Has Economic And Health Consequences

    Recent research has found that barring same-sex marriage has its consequences: it hurts the economy and leads to an increase in mental illness among LGB people.