• A More Inclusive View of Sexuality: Race, Gender, Class, Age, Etc.

    When we talk about sexuality, specifically our own sexualities, we sometimes fail to consider other forms of differences (and similarities) among humans.

  • Psychologists Say Sexual Orientation Cannot Be Changed

    Late this summer, the American Psychological Association voted to denounce the practice of treating clients to change their sexual orientation.

  • A Few Reasons Why I Love Glee…

    With its dramatic storylines and relatable takes on sexuality, Bradley explains why he loves the new FOX series GLEE

  • For Women Athletes, Success May Lead To Questions About Your Sex

    For Caster Semenya, a gold medalist runner from South Africa, her achievements on the field have raised suspicion about her sex and gender.

  • Harassment, Sexual Orientation And Public Policy

    There have been a number of very sad stories appearing in the news recently about bullying and harassment of youth based on their sexual orientation.

  • Jessica Valenti Of Feministing.com At Indiana University

    Feministing.com's Jessica Valenti recently spoke about female sexuality, purity and feminism as part of a Women's History Month event at Indiana University

  • Our Brush With Kinsey (Sicks) Stardom This Weekend At MBLGTACC

    Natalie highlights one of her favorite parts of the MBLGTACC conference - the Kinsey Sicks performance and their tour of their namesake - the Kinsey Institute.

  • A New (Queer) eHarmony Thanks To Lawsuit

    A new lawsuit opens up online dating site eHarmony.com to individuals looking for same sex partners.

  • Coming Out (Or Questioning Oneself) As Gay, Bisexual Or Lesbian

    Many young women and men question their sexual orientation at some point when they are teenagers or college-aged.

  • Free Sex Changes Now Available in Cuba!

    Cuban officials announced earlier this month that free sex-change surgery is now available to citizens.