• Understanding Sexual Fetishes And Paraphilias

    From pathologizing fetishes to advocating that we ban the word, psychiatrists don't always agree on the role of sexual fetishes in human sexuality.

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    If you want to have anal sex without a condom, the most important thing is for you and your partner to get tested for STIs.

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    Rape fantasies seem to be a social enigma...perhaps a little information and explanation can help deconstruct this controversial issue.

  • Q&A: I Fantastize About My Wife Having Sex With Other Men

    Fantasies in which a man fantasizes about his wife cheating with another man may be called “cuckoldry” fantasies or “hotwife” fantasies.

  • Q&A: My Wife’s Fantasy Is To Have Four Guys Ejaculate On Her Face

    Although some women and men fantasize about bukkake, which is the practice of several men ejaculating on a woman, you are wise to consider the risks involved.

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    We don’t fully understand why some people can orgasm from intense concentration and focus without any type of physical touching happening.

  • Q&A: I Have Never Experienced Orgasm. What Do You Suggest I Do?

    With time, patience and practice, most women are able to learn to orgasm so the chances that you will, too, are certainly in your favor.

  • Q&A: Is It Normal To Fantasize About Having Sex With Random Women?

    In fantasy, you can explore sides of yourself without having to worry about what is politically correct or who is actually available to you in real life.

  • Pornography: Just Because It Looks Good Doesn’t Mean It Feels Good

    In reality just because a particular position looks good for the camera doesn't mean it's going to feel good in the bedroom.