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    I often feel as though we as a society and even as a field of study don’t give enough weight to many different influences on men’s and women’s sexual lives.

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    In the years I’ve spent working as a sex columnist, I’ve heard from women and men like you who have experienced low sexual desire or disinterest in sex.

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    New art series celebrates the beauty of women’s whole bodies, telling stories of breast cancer survival, healing, and sexual liberation.

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    Yes, it is indeed ethical and common to have sex after having been diagnosed with genital warts, which are caused by HPV.

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    A week ago a few Kinsey Institute interns and research assistants participated in Indiana University's Women in Science Program's annual research conference.

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    Because of champion cyclist Lance Armstrong's activism, many men and women are more informed about testicular cancer than they used to be.

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    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently created a new website providing information about the HPV test and Pap tests

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    Need another reason to get the HPV vaccine, Gardasil? Find out what other kinds of cancers are related to HPV infection.