• Q&A: I Wanted Sex With My Man! Why Did I Dream About A Girl?

    I had a dream where my best friend, who is a lesbian, and I were in a relationship. It reminded me of the relationship with my boyfriend.

  • Q&A: I Am With A Man But Had A Dream With A Woman. Why?

    I wouldn’t give your dreams too much weight. In our dreams, all kinds of things are fair game, and dreams are not well understood.

  • Q&A: My Boyfriend Watches Porn A Few Times A Week. Should I Worry?

    It’s unlikely that porn itself will interfere with any couple’s sexual life. Some people don’t like porn and never watch it.

  • Q&A: I Can’t Orgasm When I Masturbate In Front Of My Boyfriend

    Sex is full of a range of sights, sounds and scents. These can greatly enhance people’s sexual arousal but they can also influence people’s worries.

  • Q&A: I Only Get Sexually Turned On When I’ve Been Drinking

    If your boyfriend is like most people, he will want you to enjoy the types of touching and sexual intimacy that you’re engaged in.

  • Q&A: Why Does My Boyfriend Masturbate To Porn So Often?

    Many boys are raised to believe that it is common or normal to watch porn and that it can make masturbation or sex more exciting.