• The Red Badge Of Courage: Period Positiveness Around The World

    Allison Yates discusses the damaging consequences of negative attitudes about menstruation and presents examples of period positiveness around the world.

  • So, What Does It Mean To “Hook Up”?

    Across college campuses, more students are hooking up, a vaguely defined set of sexual practices that typically occur outside of dating or a relationship.

  • The Changing Definition Of Family: Results From A Multiyear Survey

    Is there a natural, universal definition of what makes a family? Nope. A new study finds that the definition of "family" varies and changes over time.

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    One question has been raised in the debate over same-sex marriage: are attitudes affected by the rhetoric used in the debate? A study suggests that they aren't.

  • The World Warms Up To Homosexuality, Not So Much For Sex Work

    Using data from the World Values Survey, Will Wilkinson found steady decreases in intolerance of homosexuality around the world - yet, not so for prostitution.

  • Tough Crowd? College Students’ Attitudes Toward Casual Sex

    Some young people and scholars have begun celebrating the emergence of the new "hook up" culture. A new study indicates these celebrations may be premature.

  • Study Finds Majority Of Young Adults In The US Are Pro-Choice

    A recent study by NARAL Pro-Choice America found that the majority of young adults, age 30 years and younger, are pro-choice.

  • Are You Gay? Your Facebook Profile And Sexual Orientation

    No matter the concerns over personal privacy on Facebook.com, it looks like one thing can be given away even if you don't say it: your sexual orientation.