• Q & A: Did Self-Pleasuring Make Me Fart?

    My bumhole was just going crazy. There was no air or gas and it didn't really even smell. Is this normal?

  • Q&A: Is Anal Sex Safe?

    In theory, yes. Anal sex can absolutely be a safe way to experience sex, just as vaginal intercourse can be a safe way to experience sex.

  • Q&A: Anal Sex And Long Term Health Concerns

    As far as we know, regular anal sex is not likely to damage a person’s anus or rectum or to cause significant health problems.

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    If you’d like to increase your chances of ejaculating from sex with a partner, consider varying your masturbation technique.

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    There are various reasons why people get sores on their anal or genital area and not all of the reasons are related to sexually transmissible infections.

  • Q&A: Safe To Put Small Round Items Directly Into The Anus?

    Unlike the vagina, which is only a few inches long and ends at the cervix, the anus leads into the rectum, where objects can get more easily lost.

  • Q&A: Anal Sex: Cleanliness And Avoiding Pain

    People rarely talk to each other about anal sex, which can leave many people feeling confused or uncertain about how to try this particular sexual behavior.

  • Q&A: Healing Time For Genital Cuts And Tears

    Genital cuts and tears can make sex uncomfortable and possibly increase the risk for further infection if not treated correctly.