• The Pros and Cons of Circumcision: Part 1

    Can male circumcision really reduce HIV transmission risk by 60% or more? And how can circumcision be used to battle the AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa?

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    Book recommendations from experts in the fields of sexuality, gender, health, science and relationships

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    A number of factors can influence men’s orgasm and ejaculation, including certain prescription and over the counter medications, depression, stress and anxiety.

  • December 1st Is World AIDS Day – Some Good News, Yet A Ways To Go

    December 1st is World AIDS Day. This time around, we have a few positive steps toward HIV prevention to celebrate, yet much work still remains.

  • Scientific Discovery: Steps Toward Possible HIV Vaccine

    Researchers found 3 key proteins that neutralize 91% of the strains of HIV...making leaps in the search for HIV vaccine.

  • Only One Quarter Of Women Report Using Condoms During Anal Sex

    A survey revealed that less than one-quarter of heterosexual women reported using condoms during anal sex, compared to the majority of gay/bisexual men.

  • The Stigma Surrounding HIV/AIDS Is Harmful For Everyone

    Changes in US laws in recent years have crept closer to making being HIV-positive a crime. The solution to reducing the spread of HIV is safety and education.

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    Bradley just arrived back from South Africa and reflects on World AIDS Day, US complacency, and musical responses to HIV.

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    Kinsey Confidential welcomes Amanda Millis, guest blogger from AIDS Walk NY, who discusses why the AIDS epidemic is still a crisis.

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    Want to do something easy to help fight HIV/AIDS? Dine out for life! An easy HIV/AIDS fundraiser that is going on across the country this week.

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    Two recent legal cases around knowingly transmitting HIV to another person have hit the news. But does prosecution for this action make sense?

  • Male Circumcision & STI Prevention: A Link?

    More and more attention is focusing on the possibility of male circumcision as a risk reduction tool for HIV/AIDS but the research so far is inconclusive.